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Breakfast Menu Served Everyday 08.00 - 11.00

The Full Monty                                                                                £6.95

             Locally Sourced Back Bacon, Sausage & Black Pudding,Egg

(Cooked the way you like), Hash Brown, Mushrooms Fresh or Chopped Tomatoes & Baked Beans


            The Full Monty Special                                                                 £8.95

             All of the above Doubled up!!                     


The Veggie Full Monty                                                                  £6.95

Veggie Sausage, Veggie “Facon” Bacon, Egg (Cooked the way you like), Hash Brown, Mushrooms, Fresh or Chopped Tomatoes & Baked Beans


All above Breakfasts are served with Toast & a  Mug of Tea or Coffee


Breakfast Continued

The Famous Ham and Cheese “ChEggPits”                         £6.95

            3 Crumpets Generously Topped with Locally Sourced Ham, Eggs & Finished with Glazed Mature 

            Cheddar Cheese

Served with a Mug of Tea or Coffee


            Eggs on Toast                    £3.00                          Porridge        £3.00

            Bacon Sandwich                £3.00                          Cereals          £2.00

           Sausage Sandwich           £3.00                          Granola         £2.00

           Egg Sandwich                    £3.00


Extra Items:

Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding, Egg, Toast, Fried Bread £0.75 each

Breakfast Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks                                                    Cold Drinks


Freshly Made Tea     £2.00                Fresh Orange Juice              £1.60

Ground Coffee           £2.20              Apple Juice                            £1.60

            Espresso                   £2.00              Mineral Water                        £1.50

            Cappucino                 £2.40              Pepsi, Diet Pepsi & 

            Latte                           £2.40              Lemonade       ½ £1.40  Pint £2.75

Fruit & Herbal Teas  £2.20

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