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Guest Ale Battered Haddock Fillet  Mushy Peas, Bread and Butter       £10.95

Steak and Guest Ale Pie  Always YORKSHIRE Ale                                 £10.95

10oz Barnsley Chop Double sided Lamb Chop with Minted Lamb Gravy £13.95

Gammon   Egg or Pineapple   £10.95

Homemade Chilli con Carne With Rice & Soured Cream  £8.95   

Homemade Lasagne Garlic Bread   £10.95

Hunters Chicken    £11.95

Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon Smothered in BBQ Sauce & topped with Glazed Mature Cheddar

Whitby Scampi   Tartare Sauce    £10.95 

Falafel Balls(v)  Spicy Mediterranean Salsa & Rice £8.95

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